And then there were nine…

Life’s Hourglass.

Nine days left until..SCHOOL.


“Good” News: Dad decided to work overtime today. yay?

Well, today I woke up at 10 AM. Shopko, my special place of employment awoke me this morning at 9:05 AM. Elaine begged me to come in and work for Sam who is supposedly “sick”, although was perfectly present yesterday at work. 10:15-6:15 – hell to the no.

Summary: Ignored voice mail- back to sleep 🙂

So I finally got out of bed at about 10:10 AM because Mom flew into my room demanding I see this big gray cat hanging out on our deck. Thrilling.

Then I listened to her contemplate whether or not she should go to Shopko (I of course, would rather she didn’t) but she did.

I jogged, but mainly walked on the Treadmill [ 3 miles in 36 minutes ; 1 mile in 15 minutes] for 51 minutes while she was gone.

Then Sunday lunch was spent at the mall as usual.

I ate Subway of course, Ham on Flat Bread with lots of veggies & a Diet Coke.

We spent an hour driving around UWEC after. Finally arrived home at 2 pm.

I wonder what the rest of the day will bring…hmmmm 🙂

Well I went outside and collected some weeds for my new painting…that took some time.

I painted for about an hour. Wasted some time on my laptop after until Supper.

For supper I ate 2 slices of Jack Pizza, some Spaghetti, a bowl or 2 of Watermelon and 3 Hard Boiled Eggs.

Oh and a Orange Popcicle. yum.

Bothered David in his bedroom..that’s always fun.

Mom & I walked earlier tonight. We walked 3x around Kyes loop, did middle loop and lastly Olsen loop. Nice long walk.

Finished writing Standard 1! WOOT WOOT

Ate 2 orange bowls of Air Popped Popcorn – 2nd bowl with about 3 servings of Cane Sugar

Afters had about 5 servings of Fiber One Original cereal…

Then 3 popcicles…

So yeah, definitely didn’t do as well as I hoped today for eating, but it is still a major improvement compared to some past nights…or rather most past nights.

I have to appreciate every little success like this. Because tonight, although I did “overeat”, it was NOTHING compared to how I used to overeat.

Therefore…I’m on the right path to one less binge 🙂 I caught myself, and finished all my “eating” for the night before 10 PM.  Even brushed those teeth.

Now..Gonna finish watching Jersey Shore – the fight episode… 🙂


XOOX Virgin Olives


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