Almost gone… :(

Summer is almost gone…


Today I woke up at 9:50 AM. I attempted to get up at 8:30…but didn’t succeed.

Oh well. Anyway, at 10 AM I had a gnawing feeling so I decided to eat 1 Flat-Out wrap while watching The View.

& drank some Diet Mtn Dew of course.

Afters..from 10:20-11:25 AM I jogged/walked on the Treadmill (Jogged 2 miles in 23 minutes, 2 miles in 26 minutes, 1 mile in 15 minutes…5 miles total in 64 minutes!)

Then came typical lunch…with mom and David.

I ate another Flat-Out wrap, 3 small chunks of Fajita Chicken meat, 1/2 bowl of watermelon and an orange popcicle.

Mom left for her interview at GSI at 1…

At 1:20 PM-1:44 PM- I jogged/walked 2 more miles on the Treadmill, which I did in 24 minutes (so far 7 miles on the Treadmill today- AWESOME!)

Well..Now I’m gonna cool down and sip some Diet Mtn Dew…Hopefully the day will continue to be alright πŸ™‚

I finished revising, putting together my entire app until Mom got home…

Decided to watch KUWTK new Bora Bora episode until Dinner…

For dinner I ate a Flat-Out Wrap, over a serving of Fajita Chicken meat, a serving of 4 cheese instant potatoes, a bowl of Watermelon, and a popcicle…

After supper, I kind of wasted time on my laptop I guess, and I held Tiggy and Fluff for a bit.

Mom & I went on a walk at 7- We walked our middle loop and then 2x around Kyes…


We got back at 8 PM and I had a major snack attack. 😦 😦 😦

I know it was because I did not eat enough calories or fat or protein during the day to satisfy myself at night. So from 8 until midnight I basically ate. Pretty sad, I know.

I had about 12 popcicles (after awhile I began to lose track…)

2 orange bowls full of air popped popcorn with 4-5 servings of cane sugar…

I finished one box of Fiber One Cereal (it had about 5 servings left in it…)

and then I began a second box and ate one entire side (roughly 7.5 servings of Fiber One Original)

Even after all that…I felt bloated but I still felt “hungry”. I have a feeling this was only because I chose poorly and ate mainly carbs.

I finished my “binge” with 3 flat-out wraps.

Not something to be proud of.


I know I exercised a lot today (7 miles on the treadmill, plus walk with mom…) but I ate pretty poorly. I know nerves were definitely taking advantage of me tonight…I always get somewhat stressed the nights before I work…and I really don’t want to work my shift on Saturday. I’m also freaked about school starting in a week.

I just don’t know how to handle my life.

But I do know one thing…eating like this makes it much, MUCH worse.

Lesson “Learned”:When I do a lot of cardio in a single day like today, I have to eat more fat & protein during the day so I don’t binge this bad or better yet not at all at night.

I also can’t eat like this to cope with my life. I have to listen better to my emotions instead of ignoring them and filling my gut instead. This way of handling my life is just making it completely worse.


My goal for tomorrow is to not eat ANYTHING when I come home from work. I can have a wrap or possibly 2 during my 15, but I cannot eat anything when I get home at 9:15 tomorrow.Β 

Seriously. This will be hard. Especially since I’ll probably be tired and looking for energy…and most likely will be stressed.

But my goal is to fight back and not eat anything. I ruined tonight and I can’t get away with that.Β 

I do not need to eat like this ever again and that includes most certainly tomorrow.

If I feel like I do…I must just go to bed.

What a day. I could have done much better today. So much better.

XOOX Virgin Olives


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