So I’ve been slackin’ with my bloggin’…

Yesterday, I completely didn’t blog at all???

I guess I’m gonna have to do a quick summary of what went down yesterday..

Woke up around 10 AM- Drank some Diet Mountain Dew

Jogged/Walked on the Treadmill 4 miles in 52 minutes…

Ate lunch – Flat-Out Wrap, Fajita Chicken, Watermelon and a popcicle…

Wasted some time on my laptop afters…

Then at 1:40 PM, hopped back on the Treadmill for 2 miles in 24 minutes…

At 3:10 – Left for work…

Work 3:30 – 9 – Was actually somewhat fun…worked with Rachel and Sarah and new girl Jessica…

Ate 1.5 Flat-Out Wraps on my 15

Got home at 9:15 –

Here’s were I messed up. My goal was to not eat anything and I kind of failed at that…

I ended up eating the 1/2 Flat-Out wrap I had left,

then had about 6 popcicles, 1/2 box of Fiber One Original Cereal with a little milk, about 2 1/2 cups of Cheerios (possibly 3 cups…?) and another Flat-Out Wrap…

Watched Horrible Bosses- funny movie!

Overall, it was an alright day. Could have did better with my eating, but overall not “too” bad.  I really have to ease my way into breaking my old bad binging habits…which is what I have been trying to do. I could be doing better…but so far it’s been..okay. Today could have DEFINITELY been better regarding eating less…. 😦

Finally bedtime at 2:30 AM.


Now! Back to today!!

Woke up at 10: 30 AM.

Jogged but mainly walked on Treadmill – 4 miles in 53 minutes (first 2 miles in 25 minutes, 1 mile in 13 minutes, final 1 mile in 15 minutes)

At 12:15 – had lunch with Mom and David like usual…

Ate a Flat-Out Wrap, a serving of Fajita Chicken, a bowl of Watermelon, 1 smaller sized hard-boiled egg and a orange popcicle.

Afters- I’ve been wasting some time on my laptop!! Gonna hit the Treadmill again in a little bit hopefully, if we stay home today…


Briefly combed cats for “fleas” ew

David “modeled” some of his pants for mom and I. LOL

From 2:05 – 2:31 PM – Treadmill – 2 miles in 26 minutes

Afters took another shower…


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