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Ripe & Ready


Well, well, well so it begins!

For years I have SUFFERED, STRUGGLED and learned?

I learned that my life is not what I want it to be.

But it could be worse.

It’s difficult to think of how it could be worse. I mean, what is worse than isolating yourself from everyone in your life? Feeling like you have zero close friends?

I guess I could be starving in Africa 😥

That would be much, MUCH worse.

I’ve been a severe emotional, lonely, addicted, nightly, binge eater for quite some time now (try 2+ years).

I’ve tried everything to stop. EVERYTHING.

So much of everything it consumed me like I was consuming all the food.

But I have never listened. I never tried to listen to what my binging was telling me. It will never be possible to lose the weight I’ve gained from binging (12 sorry lbs) if I don’t listen to what it’s been trying to say.

I think I have an idea of what is trying to say. Tonight, unfortunately, once again I ignored it. But it wasn’t as bad of binge as nearly half are.

Then again, that was before I created this lovely blog.

This blog is not just for writing. And it certainly is not for your reading.

It’s for my listening.

Hopefully each day I truly listen, can lead to one less binge.

XOOOX Virgin Olives

P.S- Scarlett was painted by an artist with great inner pain.

Guess who that artist was?